Contemporary architecture

A prized residence of exceptional luxury.

Ardmore Three Condo boasts an exquisite contemporary architecture in the perfect combination with the comprehensive host of unrivaled facilities for a new level of urban living that elevate the quality of living by miles. The glassy windows will allow the natural illumination to all of corners of your own home as well as a opening stunning view of cosmopolitan neighborhood in the vicinity.

Ardmore Three Site Plan

A. Guardhouse

B. Secret Garden

C. Shower / Changing Alcove

D. Bliss Pool

E. Soleil Deck

F. Lap Pool

G. The Lounge (level 4)

H. Port Cochere

I. The Gym (level 4)

J. Reflective Alcove

K. Sculpture Lawn

L. Alfresco Dining Terrance

M. Residents' Side Gate

Facilities @ Ardmore Three

Ardmore Three facilities offers prime ways for all its residents to wash away stress, living burdens from their life with the "well-served" of Guardhouse, Secret Garden, Shower / Changing Alcove, Bliss Pool, Lap Pool, The Lounge (Level 4), Porte Cochere, The Gym (Level 4), Reflective Alcove, Sculpture Lawn, Alfresco Dining Terrace, Residents’ Side Gate.

Secret Garden one of Ardmore Three facilities is sat beautifully beside the pool area offer soothing-minded landscaped with green well-manicured lawn and the spring-up of tropical flora will be an inspring way to start a new day or get relaxed at the end of day. For social parties with your company of friends, the Alfresco Dining Terrace will be an ideal choice.

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